Support Global Chilling

Help Captain Powder defend our winters. Support Global Chilling!

Supporting the cause:

The New York Times on "Global Chilling"

The Middlebury (Educated!) Community Network supports Global Chilling

Even our fellow British ski bums support Global Chilling!!!

The Global Chilling Campaign Call

Skiers Unite. Itís time to stand up and share what we know. We are the happiest participants of Mother Earth on the planet because we commune with the higher source from a higher vantage point. We must lead the way for the preservation, unification and celebration of this glorious planet and itís inhabitants. We know how to Chill Out. We must show the World. Ski, Walk, Work, Build, Play lightly on our beautiful, fragile home. We can save the snow. Thinking from altitude changes attitude. Share love, share a line. Our time and space here is very limited and delicate. We were given this heaven on earth. It is our responsibility to pass it on to future generations in the best condition that we can.


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